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Double Star Raamatukogu

Recent Updates: Actualizari recente:
  • 2011 July: Rectilinear Elements Catalog reformatted and updated 2011 iulie: rectilinie Elemente de catalog reformatat si actualizate
  • 2011 July: link to German translation of this site added 2011 iulie: legatura intr-traducere germana de pe acest site adauga
  • 2011 July: latest Circular added 2011 iulie: ultima circulara adaugate

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UAI logo-ul IAU Commission 26: Binary and Multiple Stars UAI Comisiei 26: Stele binare si multiple
(Etoiles Doubles et Multiples) (Etoiles Dublu Multiples et)

  • Commission Membership Componenta Comisiei
  • Commission Reports Rapoarte ale Comisiei
    • Triennial Report for 2002 - 2005: pdf Raport Trienala pentru 2002 - 2005: pdf
    • 2005 Triennial Report for Circulars: html, pdf 2005 Raport Trienala pentru circulare: html, pdf
    • Report of July 2003 business meeting at Sydney General Assembly: html, postscript Raport de intalnire de afaceri iulie 2003 Sydney Adunarii Generale: html, post-scriptum
    • Triennial Report for 1999 - 2002: pdf Raport Trienala pentru 1999 - 2002: pdf
    • Report of August 2000 business meeting at Manchester GA: html, postscript (Inf. Circ. #142) Raport de intalnire de afaceri august 2000 la Manchester GA: html, post-scriptum (Inf. Circ # 142.)

  • Information Circulars Informatii circulare
    • Introduction and older circulars Introducere si mai mari circularele
    • Circular No. 172 (Oct 2010) : html, postscript, pdf Circulara nr 172 (octombrie 2010): html, postscript, pdf
    • Circular No. 173 (Feb 2011) : html, postscript, pdf Circulara nr 173 (februarie 2011): html, postscript, pdf
    • Circular No. 174 (Jun 2011) : html, postscript, pdf Circulara nr 174 (iunie 2011): html, postscript, pdf

  • IAU Division IV (Stars) Links: UAI Divizia IV (Stele) Link-uri:
    • IAU Division IV : main division webpage UAI Divizia IV : pagina de web a diviziunea principala
    • IAU Commission 29 : Stellar Spectra UAI Comisiei 29 : Spectra Stellar
    • IAU Commission 35 : Stellar Constitution UAI Comisiei 35 : Constitutia Stellar
    • IAU Commission 36 : Theory of Stellar Atmospheres UAI Comisiei 36 : Teoria Atmosfera Stellar
    • IAU Commission 45 : Stellar Classification UAI Comisiei 45 : Clasificare Stellar

  • Other IAU Links: Alte link-uri UAI:
    • International Astronomical Union : main IAU webpage Uniunea Astronomica Internationala : UAI pagina principala
    • IAU Commission 8 : Astrometry UAI Comisiei 8 : Astrometry
    • IAU Commission 27 : Variable Stars UAI Comisiei 27 : stele variabile
    • IAU Commission 30 : Radial Velocities UAI Comisiei 30 : viteze Radial
    • IAU Commission 42 : Close Binary Stars UAI Comisiei 42 : Stele binare Close

Meeting Announcements Reuniunea Anunturi

Please let me know of other meetings you feel should be added, as well as corrections or additional information on the ones listed below. Te rugam sa-mi spuneti de alte reuniuni va simtiti ar trebui sa fie adaugata, precum si corecturi sau informatii suplimentare cu privire la cele enumerate mai jos. A list of international astronomy meetings covering all topics is available here. O lista de reuniuni internationale de astronomie care sa acopere toate subiectele este disponibil aici.

  • IAU Symposium 281: Binary Paths to Type Ia Supernovae Explosions UAI Simpozion 281: Cai binare de tip Ia Explozii supernove
    4-8 July 2011, Padova, Italy Patru au 08 iulie 2011, Padova, Italia
    contact: Marina Orio, iau.281[at] de contact: Marina Orio, iau.281 [at]
    web: web:

  • Symposium No. 282: From Interacting Binaries to Exoplanets:Essential Modeling Tools Simpozion Nr 282: De la Interactiunea Binare pentru exoplanete: instrumente esentiale de realizare a modelelor
    18-22 July 2011, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia Optsprezece-22 iulie 2011, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovacia
    contact: Mercedes Richards, mrichards[at] de contact: Mercedes Richards, mrichards [at]
    web: web:

  • Stars, Companions, and their Interactions: A Memorial to Robert H. Koch Stele, insotitorii, si a interactiunilor lor: un memorial de Robert H. Koch
    10-12 August 2011, Villanova, PA, USA Zece-12 august 2011, Villanova, PA, Statele Unite ale Americii
    contact: Bruce Holenstein, RHKochConference[at] de contact: Bruce Holenstein, RHKochConference [at]
    web: web:

Information on Past Meetings Informatii despre intalnirile anterioare

  • Proceedings of IAU Symposium 240, Binary Stars as Critical Tools and Tests in Contemporary Astrophysics are now available! Proceedings of this symposium, held in August 2006 as part of the Prague IAU General Assembly Prague symposium, have been published by Cambridge University Press. Procedurile de UAI Simpozionului 240, Stele binar ca instrumente critice si testele specifice in Astrofizica contemporana sunt acum disponibile Proceedings al acestui simpozion, a avut loc in august 2006, ca parte a IAU la Praga a Adunarii Generale Praga simpozion,! Au fost publicate de catre Cambridge University Press. The printed volume includes 59 talks, 2 posters, and 115 poster abstracts, while the publisher's website includes 103 posters. Volum tiparit include 59 discutii, 2 postere, si 115 rezumate poster, in timp ce site-ul web al editorului include 103 postere. The Table of Contents for these proceedings is available in pdf form here. Cuprins de aceste proceduri sunt disponibile in format PDF aici. For more information please see the publisher's website at Pentru mai multe informatii va rugam sa consultati site-ul web al editorului de la

  • IAU Symposium 248 (sponsored by Commission 8 and supported by Commission 26) held on October 15-23 2007 in Shanghai, China was a very important event for astrometry in 2008. Simpozion UAI 248 (sponsorizat de catre Comisie 8 si sustinuta de catre Comisie 26) a avut loc la 15-23 octombrie 2007, in Shanghai, China a fost un eveniment foarte important pentru astrometry in 2008. A short summary of this meeting was written by Alexandre Andrei and can be found here. Un scurt rezumat al acestei intalniri a fost scris de Alexandre Andrei si pot fi gasite aici.

  • Complete presentations of II International Meeting of Double Star Observers (Pro-Am), held 23-24 October 2010 in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) are available here. Prezentari complete a II Reuniunea internationala de Observatori stele dubla (Pro-Am), 23-24 octombrie 2010 a avut loc in Sabadell (Barcelona,Spania) sunt disponibile aici.

Bibliographies of recent binary star papers Bibliografiile de lucrari recente stele binare

  • 2008 2008
  • 2009 2009
  • 2010 2010

Binary and Multiple Star Catalogues Cataloage binare si multiple de stele

Astrometric Systems Sisteme de Astrometric
  • Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) Washington dubla de stele de catalog (WDS)
    (Mason, Wycoff, & Hartkopf 2001; updated nightly) (Mason, Wycoff, si Hartkopf 2001; actualizate in fiecare seara)
    see also "Neglected Doubles" Observing Lists a se vedea, de asemenea, "neglijat Dublu" Liste Observarea
  • Fourth Catalog of Interferometric Measurements of Binary Stars De catalog a patra de Masuratori interferometric de Stele binare
    (Hartkopf, Mason, Wycoff, & McAlister 2001; updated frequently) (Hartkopf, Mason, Wycoff, si McAlister 2001; actualizate in mod frecvent)
  • Sixth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Binary Stars De catalog al saselea Orbite de stele binare vizuale
    (Hartkopf & Mason 2001; updated frequently) (Hartkopf & Mason 2001; actualizate in mod frecvent)
    see also list of "Calibration Candidates" a se vedea, de asemenea, lista de "Candidatii de calibrare"
  • Catalogue of Orbits and Ephemerides of Visual Double Stars Catalogul de orbite si a Ephemerides de Stele Visual dubla
    (Docobo, Ling, Prieto, Costa, Costado & Magdalena 2001) (Docobo, Ling, Prieto, Costa, Costado & Magdalena 2001)
    The catalog is also available in Galego and Castellano. Catalogul este disponibil, de asemenea, in Galego si Castellano.
  • USNO Third Photometric Magnitude Difference Catalog USNO a treia fotometrice Amploarea Diferenta de catalog
    (Mason & Wycoff 2001; updated nightly) (Mason & Wycoff 2001; actualizate in fiecare seara)
  • Catalog of Rectilinear Elements Elemente de catalog derectilinie
    (Hartkopf, Mason, Wycoff, & Kang 2011; updated occasionally) (Hartkopf, Mason, Wycoff, si Kang 2011; actualizate ocazional)
Combined Analyses Analize Combinata
  • An Astrometric/Spectroscopic Survey of O stars Un sondaj Astrometric / spectroscopice de stele O
    (Mason et al. 1998; last update August 2004) (Mason et al 1998;. Ultima actualizare august 2004)
  • Washington Multiplicity Catalog homepage Washington multiplicitate de catalog pagina de start
    WMC Sample Catalog WMC de propozitii de catalog
Spectroscopic Systems Sisteme spectroscopice
  • Ninth Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits Catalogul de-al noualea Orbite binare spectroscopice
    (Pourbaix et al. 2002; updated frequently) (Pourbaix et al 2002;. Actualizate in mod frecvent)
  • Fifteenth Complementary Catalog of Spectroscopic Binaries De catalog cincisprezecea complementare de spectroscopice binare
    (Pedoussaut, A. et al. 1988, A&AS 75, 441; also Malkov, OY 1989, Bull. Inform. CDS 36) (. Pedoussaut, A. et al 1988, A & AS 75, 441;. Malkov, de asemenea, OY 1989, Bull Inform CDS 36.)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare
Close (Interacting and Eclipsing) Systems Close (Interactiunea si eclipsand) Sisteme
  • A Catalogue and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables - Living Edition O Catalogul si Atlas de variabile cataclismice - Editia de viata
    (Downes, R. et al. 2001, PASP 113, 764) (Downes, R. et al 2001,. PASP 113, 764)
  • Catalogue of Cataclysmic Binaries, Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries and Related Objects (6th ed.) Catalogul de cataclismice binare, low-Mass X-Ray Binare si Obiecte inrudite (6a ed.)
    (Ritter, H. & Kolb, U. 1998, A&AS 129, 83) (Ritter, H. si Kolb, U. 1998, A & AS 129, 83)
  • A Finding List for Observers of Interacting Binary Systems (5th ed.) O lista Gasirea de Observatori al sistemelor binare Interactiunea (a 5-ed.)
    (Wood, FB et al. 1980, Pub. Dept of Astron., Univ of Florida, vol 1) (Din lemn, FB et al 1980,. Pub. Dept de Astron., Univ din Florida, vol. 1)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare
  • Catalog of Orbital Elements, Masses, and Luminosities of Close Double Stars Elemente de catalog de Orbital, Mase, si Luminosities de Stele Inchidere dubla
    (Svechnikov, MA & Bessonova, LA 1984, Bull. Inform CDS 26, 99) (Svechnikov, MA & Bessonova, LA 1984, Bull Inform CDS. 26, 99)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare
  • A Catalogue of Parameters for Eclipsing Binaries O Catalogul Parametri pentru eclipsand binare
    (Brancewicz, HK & Dworak, TZ 1980, Acta Astron. 30, no. 4, pp 501-524) (Brancewicz, HK & Dworak, TZ 1980, Acta Astron 30,. Nr. 4, pp. 501-524)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare
  • A Catalogue of Classical (Evolved) Algol-Type Binary Candidate Stars O Catalogul clasica (Evolved) Algol-Type candidate Binary Stele
    (Budding, E. 1984, Bull. Inform. CDS 27, 91) (Tinere talente, E. 1984, Bull Inform.. CDS 27, 91)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare
  • Catalogue of Algol Type Binary Stars Catalogul de Algol Stele binare de tip
    (Budding, E. et al. 2004, A&A 417, 263-268) (Tinere talente, E. et al. 2004, A & A 417, 263-268)
    on-line data query date on-line de interogare

Links: Link-uri:
  • CDS: Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg CDS: Centrul de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg
  • Hipparcos Hipparcos
  • SIMBAD Astronomical Database SIMBAD Astronomic Baza de date
  • SIDONIe: the double star website of Nice Observatory Sidonie: site-ul web stea dubla de la Nisa Observatorului
  • ADS: NASA's Astrophysical Data System bibliographic database ADS: NASA Astrophysical date bibliografice bazei de date de sistem
  • CHARA: GSU's Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy Chara: Centrul GSU pentru Astronomie de inalta rezolutie unghiulara
  • OLBIN: Optical Long Baseline Interferometry Newsletter OLBIN: optic lung interferometrie Buletin informativ de baza
  • NEXSci: NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (formerly Michelson Science Center), NEXSci: NASA exoplaneta Science Institute (fosta Michelson Science Center),
    also talks from the 2009 Sagan/Michelson Fellows Symposium De asemenea, discutiile din 2009 Sagan a / Michelson Fellows Simpozion
  • The General Catalogue of Photometric Data Catalogul general al datelor fotometrice

  • The Journal of Double Star Observations Jurnalul de Observatiile stele duble
    a new quarterly journal of amateur astronomy dedicated to the study of double and binary stars un jurnal nou trimestrial de astronomie amatori dedicat studiului de stele duble si binare
  • The Webb Deep-Sky Society (Double Star Section) Webb Deep-Sky Society (sectiunea stele duble)
    an amateur/professional society specializing in double stars and 'deep sky' objects o societate amator / profesionist specializat in stele duble si obiecte de "cer profund"
    (There is also a direct link to the Webb Deep-Sky Society Circulars.) (Exista, de asemenea, o legatura directa cu circulare Societate Webb Deep-Sky.)
  • Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (Double Star Section) Societatea Astronomica din Africa de Sud (sectiunea stele duble)
    another fine society for amateur double star observers o alta societate amenda de observatori amatori stea dubla
  • The "Spirit of 33" "Spiritul de 33"
    an international network of amateur double star observers, based in Spain o retea internationala de observatori amatori stele duble, cu sediul in Spania
  • The Double Star Section of LIADA", Sectiunea stele duble de LIADA ",
    the Spanish American League of Astronomy Liga spaniola american de Astronomie
  • The Double Star Club of the Astronomical League" Clubul Steaua duble al Ligii Astronomic "
    an association of local amateur astronomical societies across the United States o asociatie de societati locale de amatori astronomice pe teritoriul Statelor Unite
  • The Double Star Commission of the French Astronomical Society" Comisia de stele duble al Societatii Astronomice Franceze "
    an amateur/professional double star group whose members publish in the SAF journal Observations et Travaux un amator / profesionist stele grup dublu ai carui membri publica in Jurnalul SAF Observatii et Travaux
  • Garraf Astronomical Observatory Garraf Observatorul Astronomic
    Located near Barcelona, Spain and headed by Tofol Tobal, this organization has published over 10,000 visual double star observations in its "OAG General Catalog" and remains a significant contributor to the WDS through its supplements to that catalog. Situat in apropiere de Barcelona,Spania si condusa de Tofol Tobal, aceasta organizatie a publicat peste 10.000 de observatiile vizuale dublu Stea in ei "de catalog OAG generale" si ramane un factor care contribuie semnificativ la WDS prin intermediul suplimentelor sale in acest catalog.
  • "El Observador de Estrellas Dobles" "El Observador de Estrellas Dobles"
    the newest electronic double star journal is a Spanish language publication begun in 2009 cele mai noi electronice Stea dubla jurnal este o publicatie in limba spaniola a inceput in anul 2009

  • A Belorussian translation of this page is available, courtesy of Bohdan Zograf. O traducere bielorus a acestei pagini este disponibil, curtoazie de Bogdan Zograf.
  • [NEW] A German translation of this page is also available, courtesy of Andreas Beraz. [NEW] O traducere germana a acestei pagini este de asemenea disponibil curtoazie, de Andreas Beraz.

Your feedback, please... Feedback-ul dvs., va rugam sa...

Your reactions to the Double Star Library are appreciated. Reactii dvs. la Biblioteca stele duble sunt apreciate. Please send your comments (reports of errors, suggestions for additional catalogues or web links, etc.) to Va rugam sa trimiteti comentariile dumneavoastra (rapoarte de erori, sugestii pentru cataloage suplimentare sau link-uri web, etc) pentru a

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